Winter is the time of year when love is born, strengthens and lasts. It is not the charm of spring or the vitality of summer that ultimately makes the unions formalize, it is the cold of December that makes it almost pleasant to have a close affection that loves us and above all warms us up. Not only the affection for the people is enriched, we also dust off the wardrobe the clothes that cause us a little repulsion in summer: coats, hats, gloves, scarves, boots and above all, the hated ones, when they do 40 degrees, blankets .

In addition to the company of a loved one, to a greater or lesser extent, it is the blankets that assure us that while we sleep, or watch TV, we will not have cold feet or any bad feeling against the weather. It is true that the excess in their number causes fatigue but we have solutions to avoid having to carry 12 covers over beds all night. From the very effective feathers (impossible for allergic spirits) to the specialized mountaineering, we will not find any more effective and lighter than electric ones.


The renowned designer of products for hogra and health BEURER has launched in its latest collection the perfect complement to achieve the ideal temperature at the time of domir. The HD100 model is an electric blanket made of 200 cm x 150 acrylic in size, perfect for large beds. Its temperature control, illuminated with LED technology, allows 6 different options, automatically turns off at 3 hours of being on and also has the security system characteristic of all the products of this brand. It can also be machine washed. More information on the website