When thinking about the remodeling of our environments the idea of ​​changing the floors is one of the most recurrent, and always, as if it were a natural instinct, we think of the beauty and comfort that wood can offer us. But when we have to make the final decision, factors such as the purchase price and the investment in maintenance make us think twice before deciding to use it. Fortunately, the environmental design company LEA CERAMICHE has created the collection of BIOESSENZE ceramic floors, which offer the feeling of comfort and the unmistakable shine of the wood added to the economy, durability and ease of vitrified floors.

The ROVERE PEPE reference deserves special attention. This beautiful floor evokes the finest of dark oaks and, thanks to the process of digital decoration that allows the pieces of 15 x 20 cm. They are different from each other, have a natural chromatic harmony, reflect the light as a wooden slat would do, and can also be used in humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. The complete offer of this original, functional and economic way to achieve our dream of having a wooden floor can be seen at http://www.ceramichelea.it.