Sunflower It is a nice table mat that we can use at home with any element of our household. At first its shape does not make us think that it is that kind of object, it is shown folded with an almost square shape. The touch is soft and like a piece of elastic rubber.

When we open it we realize that its shape can be much more than square and we are expanding it little by little until we open it completely and discover that it has a flower shape, hence the name Sunflower which means "sunflower". To keep it with that shape is accompanied by a small piece of aluminum that holds the two ends.

Its design has a size designed to adapt to all types of utensils, from small bowls for milk or cereals, to pots, pans or pans. It consists of several models, all with the same shape, but of different colors to use in different seasons: orange, red and black, so we can adapt our kitchen accessories at the time you do at any time.

Since they are made of silicone, they hold the temperature of the objects very well, especially if they are hot, and they are very easy to clean also because they are elastic. Once used we just have to remove the piece of aluminum and return it to its initial square shape, store it in a drawer and ready to use next time.

They are distributed by the company Toast Living.

Vía: Yanko Design