The first few times, via my younger brother sitting in front of the computer, looking for innocuous information and spending whole hours in front of the screen I thought he was in a serious state of depression because his social life was a failure, on the contrary of mine that was intense and little related to computer science. That in the early nineties and as time went by I, skeptical of the virtual world, I was involuntarily involved in the digital information universe and now, when I think of my brother, I understand the reason for his obsession and the importance that this had in my life.

Now without much desire I see myself sitting every day, not excepting weekends, in front of a computer that looks much better, it is smaller, it gives off less heat and has a screen with very high definition quality, much more than my brother. Work on the Web; I would not know what to do without email, social networks, chat and video calls. On weekends I communicate with my loved ones so scattered around the world and strengthen ties of friendship. All this sitting in my chair, watching the ordina.


Recently I discovered on the Web, for a change, a perfect chair for a professional Internet user like me. It is the SURF CHAIR®, winner of the "Best Product" of the Internet Collection at the Scandinavian Design Fair 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark. The Surf Chair® model developed by the designer KENNETH LYLOVER in collaboration with LEIF SØRENSEN was chosen as the winner among other 20 designs developed by recognized and famous designers of the sector. It is a module in the form of a circle in which is added a screen and a computer keyboard, which work with wireless connections and solar energy. More information on the Website