Surtur Chair It is a chair of the young designer Emilia Borgthor, presented at the ICFF in New York for young designers and prototypes.

Although it may not seem, this armchair is inspired by nature, both in our surroundings and in the human being itself. According to Emilia tells us, Surtur was something like the King of Fire or the Fire Giant of Norse mythology, and fire also arises from volcanoes, where inspiration comes from.

Apparently, at 1963 Surtsey Island was affected by a volcanic eruption that started below sea level and flowed along the island changing the landscape. The man also flows with his movements and sits and places looking for the best position.

Therefore, and explaining it in another way: the color of the fire and the eruption of the lava that left the volcano flowing, just as the human being flows with its movement. That's why Surtur Chair has an ergonomic shape and a red color, in honor of the forces of nature that flow and change every day.

Further information: Emilia Borgthor

Vía: Contemporist