switch It is a conceptual design of the designer Kim, Jong-jin and with it he wants to help us save energy at home to reduce spending and at the same time help the planet. It is a plug that is unplugged just by turning it 45 º, no need to unplug it physically. The image is self-explanatory.


The designer realized the problem of leaving many of the appliances in Standby, the so-called "electric vampires" that we talked to you a few days ago, and tried to find rewired through their designs. Its form can already tell us what it is for as it is presented in the form of the universal on and off icon.


For example it would be indicated for radiators (it occurs to me now that the cold arrives, or should), are usually always located in the same place and plugged in, only turn off the tab that turns on and off, but do not disconnect which continues to "sucking" Energy. It would be something like turning off a power strip to cut off the power supply, but with only one plug.

He has won many awards since its creation and presentation, but nevertheless it seems that for now he has not yet found anyone who produces it in series.

More information: Kimeba