T-Shelf It is one of those furniture of which we say that they have their own personality, that they could decorate a room by themselves since they are the center of all eyes. In this case it is not about extravagance, maybe a little, but it is not composition but in its curious design.

It is composed of numerous triangles intertwined with each other, forming a structure of three or four meters from the ground, through the wall and to the other. The "T" then comes through the Triangles: Triangule Shelf (or "Triangular Shelving").

It is made of birch plywood and steel cables that support it by some of its parts. This structure makes it quite resistant to hold weight, and although we should not spend if we can save, for example, books the size of The Pillars of the Earth or some other plant.

Due to its triangular structure T-Shelf can be extended as far as we want, but it needs a wall to do it, it can even be an original auxiliary table if we put a glass on it and assemble the necessary pieces to sustain it.

More information: j1studio

Via: Hometone

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  1. Hello, do you have some plans of how are the cuts of the woods? These types of design are very interesting but I do not want to risk doing them wrong. regards

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