Who did not want, over the 12 years, to be already an adult so as not to have to follow the orders of a mother desperate with disorder or a father worried about the performance in the Institute? It is not worth emphasizing the foolishness of desire because now that we are older we would like to have 12 years, or better 16. We do not have to worry about paying taxes, tuition, car gasoline and monthly purchases, and on the contrary, we just do our best to live in peace with our brothers and sisters.

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In any case, being a child is not an easy matter, let's not forget the ability of a child to magnify small, everyday matters of daily life. The immaturity and ignorance of the environment is positive the possibility of experiencing and negative fear and trauma that can cause this experimentation if you do without a guide and also have bad luck. I try to make my children do what they propose - it is another way of saying what I like to do whatever they want - but to recognize the consequences that their actions can have and assume them.

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To increase the abilities of the boys I have proposed to decorate your room with furniture that stimulates your imagination in a playful and simple way. One of the first pieces that I am going to renovate your room with is the SIRCH bank, designed by SIBIS ERYKAH; Handmade in laminated wood, and upholstered in red. It is practical, fun and functional, ideal for children to take a nap, sit down, use it as a board for their table games or as a shelf: it is a space to imagine. More information on the website www.littlefashiongallery.com