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A transcendent piece within our decoration is the conformation that we deliver to the pavement of space, it will not only present technical characteristics that facilitate its cleaning and daily life, but it is by definition an object of high decorative power since it is unavoidable to ignore it, although the truth is that it would not be complete without a beautiful rug inside the contemporary definitions.

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Abandoned in an era of history and replaced by different dispositions, rugs are versatile objects that present substantial characteristics in which designers can express themselves, and fence if they do that now we can find a wonderful range of conformation in many cases unthinkable in times not so distant in time.

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Object Carpet is a German company that firmly believes in modern conceptions in the manufacture of rugs that do not undermine the beauty of our pavement and are presented as an accessory element that manages to merge into the global vision, creating an incredible combination, but its development is not only morphological, but the company has a patent that allows you to design synthetic textiles with chemical properties that repel liquids and very simple washing, a great idea that already has its impact on the European market.

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Kid carpet is another clear example of systematic advances in morphological conception and technology, the American company is devoted to creating carpets for children's spaces by posing a great center of amusements for children, since they propose very nice visual arrangements and textures, besides being a wonderful piece of simple disinfection in which we will be able to apply products of common use, great for nurseries and the bedroom of our small.

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While many people may consider that the incredible work of the craftsman is overcome by the technological simplicity in the production of these materials, makes the rugs accessible because of their mass production, In addition, the laser cutting lines and perfectionist moldings do not give rise to errors and their preparation is simply accurate.

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Regarding your choice you should consider your furniture, tonalities in the decoration, pavement, and of course functionality, so we can consider the mats a complex ornamental object, due to the wide range of conditions that do or do not deliver green light for its implementation.

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