autumn cleaning
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The new station seems in no hurry to settle permanently. It seemed that the rain and the bad weather had arrived, and suddenly the sun shines again and the temperatures rise. If the same thing happens to you and you also become lazy at the time of undertake the fall cleaning, The best thing you can do is to put laziness aside and get to it. Keep in mind that the sooner you do it, the sooner you will get rid of it. Do not you think?

Fall cleaning tasks are something that you will have to go through later or earlier. It's no use trying to delay the inevitable. Therefore, my advice is that you deal with the matter and carry it out as soon as possible. So you can enjoy more and better of your house, When the cold finally arrives and you spend more time in it.

For that reason, and to help you as much as possible, today we want to make a list of all those cleaning tasks that you must carry out at this time of the year.

We start the autumn cleaning by the kitchen

autumn cleaning
Source: Ideal Home

Leaving aside the general cleaning (this is done about twice a year), there are certain tasks that should be repeated more frequently. One of them is clean and organize the pantry and kitchen cabinets.

Start by seeing what you have and what you lack. Throw out all those foods that are out of date, and give out those that are going to expire soon. Then, empty all the cabinets and clean them. Make a list of the preserves and non-perishable products that you have to replace, and go to the purchase.

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Another task that needs to be done in the kitchen is to defrost the refrigerator. And by the way, clean it thoroughly emptying it and removing each element to scrub it thoroughly. It's time to take stock of everything we have frozen and replenish what is necessary. Strictly takes the matter of identifying with name and date all that congeles, it is the only way to be certain that the food you keep are fit for consumption.

The windows, it's your moment

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I do not know if the same thing happens to me, but it never seems like a good time to clean the crystals. I think it's always going to start raining as soon as it's over. And I do not even tell you what happens when the time comes clean the complete windows. Well, that hour has arrived. The fall cleaning keeps an interesting chapter: to clean all the windows of the house inside and outside.

You may need to mentalize yourself first. Do it and set a day in the calendar, which you can not delay. See dismantling the windows one by one and scrubbing the frame and crystals well.

Did not you change the wardrobe?

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In case you have not yet done the change of wardrobe and you are fighting as you can the cold autumnal (despite the high temperatures, and cool in the morning), you must do it now.

You may not feel like it, but it is one of the unavoidable tasks the station brings us. Clean and change summer clothes for winter. And take out the coats too because you'll have to use them sooner rather than later. Wash or dye the summer clothes and keep them safe until next year.

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To order the wardrobe you can follow the advice of the Japanese guru of the order Marie Kondo and her Konmari method. Or you can also follow your own method. The important thing is that you manage with your things and reign the order in your closets.

Household clothes, on examination

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Autumn gives us the perfect opportunity to check our house clothes and to think if it is the right one, if it is in good condition or if we need to substitute some things. Do not limit yourself to cleaning and storing summer quilts and removing quilts for winter. Better value in what state these elements are and if you have to make new acquisitions.

Rescue the carpeting of the dye, if you took them there in the summer (most dry cleaners do the service of keeping carpets until autumn). Or clean them thoroughly if you did not remove them. In that case, they will surely need it.

A little bit of DIY

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In the list of the tasks of cleaning of autumn we sneak some DIY jobs that we can not leave aside. And perhaps the most important is that of check the heating and check that it works correctly.

You may have to call the technician to check the boiler. Or maybe you just have to purge radiatorsAnyway, do not wait any longer to get it ready. Otherwise you might be surprised by the first cold wave of winter with damaged heating. Do not play it

We already know that the autumn cleaning tasks are not pleasant to perform. And I'm sure you can think of many more interesting things to devote your free time. But you have to do it. Termínalas as soon as possible and ... free yourself! At least, at the moment.