The plants have become our perfect ally to color our home. It does not matter whether it's spring or winter, we can always find the right plants to give a special touch to any part of our home. The problem that we can find is where to plant them? Many of you can think of the classic pots that flood all the houses but we want to offer you other alternatives that will take care of shining on their own. It's about using tea cups and teapots where you can place those plants that we like so much in your interior.

Reuse old cups, teapots and sugar bowls

Surely many of you have at home some coffee game that you do not use. In the end, these elements end up taking up space in our house and accumulating dust. Sooner or later you will decide to throw them away, although when you know all the game they can give, you will think twice.

In the case of this first example that we leave you, it is a collection created by the designer Rebeca Marshall and that was conceived as a Interior garden for your small apartment. Each of the cups is customized to ensure that they are unique elements.

It can also be interesting to place them near a window, where the lighting is good. In this way we will help the plants grow strong. The only thing that we have to take into account, is to choose well the plants that we will use. If possible, do not focus on a single type, bet on variety to create a better environment.

Save space at home

One of the main reasons why we want to use our tea cups that we do not use as pots, is the possibility of saving space at home. Traditional pots usually take up a lot of space, so in the case of not having it, it can be a problem.

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These can be hung on the wall or placed on any shelf where we find a small hole. It can be ideal to place in the bathroom sink.

Aromatic plants for the kitchen

The kitchen can be another great beneficiary when it comes to reusing our tea cups. In these we can plant all kinds of aromatic herbs to use in our recipes whenever we want. The best of all, is that we can always use fresh products grown by us, instead of using dry products sold in jars of spices.

How to turn our cup into a pot?

We have seen that these peculiar pots can give a lot of play at the time of decorate our house with plants. Now, how to create pots from cups of tea? Let's see below the steps to follow to get it.

First of all, we will know the materials we will need to turn the cups into small pots. These materials will be:

  • Tea or coffee cups
  • Plants
  • Fertile land
  • Garden tools

Once we have all the materials, the first thing we have to do is take the cups we want to use and clean them. The next thing we will do is choose the plants we want to plant. It is recommended that they are not very large since the cups have a small size.

Next, we will throw some earth in the bottom of the cup and then place the plant on top and add the rest of the soil until it almost reaches the edge of the cup. Here we must make sure that the plant has remained firm.

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Finally, we can start decorating our environment with these cups. If we want, we can always dedicate some time to personalize those cups decorating them in a different way so that each one is unique. A little color can be more than enough to get it.

As you have seen, it is very easy to reuse our old cups of tea, teapots and sugar bowls to turn them into something really beautiful that will help us to improve the decoration of our home.