If you love decoration with craft candles, you will love this recipe to make a beautiful candle in Vintage style. As a detail we will use a beautiful cup. With a set of cups we can make different candles, for a special night, a romantic night or a dinner for several diners.

The materials What we will need are the following:

- a classic or vintage style mug
- paraffin
- wick
- coloring -optional-

To start we make with bucket or similar container, to  melt the paraffin or wax, as always in the water bath. We can also do it in the microwave.

We must melt the paraffin very well, we must obtain a completely dissolved mixture. Once done, let cool unos 5 minutes approx.

This is the time to decide if, to our candle, we want add some special aroma. If so, we choose the fragrance we want and add it to the paraffin.

We take the cup that we have prepared and pour the paraffin in it. We'll let a couple of minutes pass and then we place the deposit in the center of the candle.

Now it only remains let cool completely and then we can decorate any table or hall. Precious truth? That's how easy we have a candle, Vintage style!