If you love the jars and vases, you will be interested in learning to do them with very simple materials. Is craft It is quite easy and if you like you can always decorate any corner of your home.

The materials What we will need are the following:

- 1 thick cardboard.
- Packaging adhesive tape.
- Fast mass.
- Filigree paste.
- Latex.
- Molds.
- Scissors.
- Vindica Cola.
- Brush.
- Estecas.

What we are going to make is a jar made of quick dough. For this we must first prepare the mold, which we will later fill with the dough.

To do this we mark the outline of the vase in the cardboard, with the help of a marker. Then we cut it and we bend it to get rolled up on itself. Once curved we stick their ends with packing tape.

Then we continue lining with this tape, the whole mold, this part is very important. We must waterproof the cardboard well, so that it acquires exactly the same shape. Now we will do the same procedure with the mold of the mouth of the jar.

Once ready, we proceed to stretch the fast mass between two plastics. We can also use other tricks such as kneading with a stick. We will try to achieve a thickness of about 0.5 cm. To get the best grip we can help with a brush to wet the dough.

Now we will cover both cardboard molds with the dough. Then let it set well and dry thoroughly unmold the pieces.

In the next step we will make the base of our jar. To make it we must stretch a mass portion of about 0.5 cm thick. We will put on the bottom edge of the jar, a little vinyl glue, and support the same jar on the dough that we have stretched.

Now just cut the outline and let it dry. To assemble the jug we stick the mouth on the top of it with the help of the vinyl glue. To cover the joints or joints of the jar and that are not visible, we will do it with a small and fine roll of dough.

To make the handle, it is enough to model a small roll of dough. This will be flattened and refined at the ends, we will give the form of the question mark and let it dry.

Once dry we add the handle to the jug with vinyl glue. Finally we passed the design of the guard to the contour of the jar and we marked the drawing with filigree paste. Let it dry.

Once dry, simply paint the entire jug with white latex and decorate!