The chill out type environment is ideal for relaxation; body and mind rests to the beat of music.

If at home, whether inside or outside, you want to set up a similar environment, read on and we'll give you a series of tips so you can enjoy a Chill Out stay.

The characteristics of this type of environment will be seats on the floor, multiple cushions and open air -although not necessarily-

If you want to set it up outside, you will take advantage of this corner in summer, but yes ... we must take care of it throughout the year. In the interior the cares are less but we will not have breeze.

The perfect furniture will be comfortable. Sofas and tables practically on the floor. This will help create a comfortable environment. The fiber rugs are resistant to the outside and will give a feeling of warmth.

The lighting will provide that touch of relaxation that we seek, having, therefore, the leading role when night falls. Our goal is to achieve a comfortable atmosphere, so we resort to soft lights such as lanterns and candles. The lanterns, oriental style, we will place them in a corner; If we can get chandeliers and distribute them around the room, it will be perfect.

If we do not have a garden and we do not want to locate this type of environment inside our home, we can always do it on the terrace.

With simple materials we can make a good stay Chill out; look for a platform for an improvised bed, it will be the perfect way to create this kind of environments. We can choose to do with a pallet, sand it very well and varnish it.

On this we will place cushions of colors, always looking for a harmony. We will place them strategically on the pallet looking for a comfortable and fluffy surface.

For seats, in addition to cushions we will use pouf or low loungers. Nature is very important in this type of environment, we can place some plants.

And last but not least, music. An exclusive selection of Chill Out music is the perfect companion for a most relaxing night reading a book ... or a gathering of friends.

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