If you love decorating your environments with Moroccan style, it offers originality and turns them into warm places and of different cultures.

Within this style we can distinguish different characteristics that we must have clear if we want to decorate our environments.

The colors that we will take into account will be striking and vibrant, inside these colors will enter red, green, fuchsia ... etc. The combinations with new and old objects will be indispensable.

The details and accessories that we will take into account will be ceramics, plants and flowers, exotic fauna and other elements. Give personality to all your articles, place them in extra strategic places will be our secret.

The mirrors, characteristic of the Moroccan environments, are transformed into protagonists, in this way we will be able to illuminate and endow the rooms with aplitude.

We will fight for spaces cozy and comfortable. For this we will place many cushions and textiles as carpets. Play with all kinds of textures.

The contrasts will cause original designs. Remember colors like black, red and white. The designs can be mixed with different textures and fabrics. Achieve attractive effects will be of great importance, within this style.