It is not something we do every day but when it comes time to make a move, everyone panics at what is coming. Change of house means starting a new stage: changing the decoration of the home, brand new furniture, meeting new neighbors ... The main problem arises when you have to start packing all things, from furniture to our personal belongings. Here has a lot to say cardboard boxes and packaging that we use for it. We are not going to lie, moving is a hard process, but today we want to share with you some tips that will help you throughout this process.

Do a general cleaning

It happens to everyone that we keep things in our house with the hope of using them in the future, although deep down we know that it will not be like that. Taking advantage of the fact that we moved from home, is the best time to throw away or donate all those things that we do not use. In this way we will be lightening the things that we have to take, making the change easier.

Packs things with meaning

Before starting to fill the boxes remember that the organization is very important to not go crazy. The first thing is to get hold of the boxes that we will use to put all our belongings. For this we can go to any company that offers us cheap cardboard boxes and packaging designed for this purpose. Once we have them, it's time to get down to work. For this we recommend:

  • Package by room. Go step by step to not mix things. Until you have finished with one, do not start with another. Start by packing those objects that you do not use on a daily basis such as decorative things, books, paintings, etc.
  • Mark the boxes that belong to the same room. In this way, when you arrive at the new destination, you will know at all times where each of them goes.
  • Fragile things in a box. Protect them with bubble wrap or a similar item to prevent them from breaking. These boxes must be clearly marked indicating that they carry fragile things.
  • The documentation and the small valuable objects, take them with you. This way you will have them controlled throughout the move.
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Do not hesitate to ask for help

During the moving process, you have to be realistic and know that it is not the same to move one alone than to do it with the whole family. In this second case, the process will be much more complex. If you see that it gets out of hand, Do not hesitate to ask for help from friends or family. There is also the option of hiring a company specialized in this type of work that will take care of everything.

Where do we stack things while we continue in the old house?

Prepare the move is not done in a day, but it is a process that takes time until everything is well packaged. As you go closing boxes, it is highly recommended enable an area where to go placing them. When possible, the best is a room but it would also be worth any corner or corner that does not hinder the passage of people until you leave.

Suitcase with the basics

With the rush and stress of wanting to pack everything as soon as possible, we forget that when we reach our new destination we will be very tired. The last thing we want is to search our pajamas and toothbrush among all the boxes. For this reason, Before you start packing, pack a suitcase with everything you would need for two or three days, until you have placed everything in the new house.

We are sure that thanks to these tips, the process of moving will not be so traumatic, carrying it out efficiently.