Sunday night, my body is tired, exhausted, happily mistreated. The weekend has passed over my existence and left me, as well as memories of happy moments and some mental lacuna, an accumulated fatigue that has nothing to do with the energy it would need to start the week again. It is not my best moment and it has become a chronic scene, every eight days. The fall of the sun torments me, the night before Monday puts me tense, I must start with the cycle again and I would not like it. I would like to be able to say that my favorite day is Sunday but it is as difficult as finding someone who has whole-wheat bread as a favorite food.

To relax and try to recover some of what I lost, I have several methods that consist mainly of reconstructing myself. A back massage, given to me by my husband, puts me back in the correct position. Moisturizing masks for face, body and hair. A homemade nail session is highly recommended to renew the spirit. Immerse the feet in warm water with some protective oil with oriental essences, it is effective and pleasant.


PHILIPS that always surprises, has brought to the market a perfect complement so that your husband takes care of you and allows you. Its shape, which resembles that of a boulder, ensures that the massage is successful. Its warm temperature, which graduates, allows greater muscular relaxation. Your battery is rechargeable. More information on the Website