The computer or laptop has become not only an essential work tool, but also one more element that is part of the decoration of the house.

Regardless of whether you have a space dedicated to work in which you always have your computer or that you take it wherever you go and go through all the spaces of your home, your computer is always another element in the decoration.

Precisely for that reason we have found this idea so original. Precisely for esote we propose that you take it to practice if you are tired of the boring aspect of your computer ...

And the idea, as you can see in the image above, is to give a little life and joy to the keyboard of your laptop or desktop.
Do not you think that the result is really original?

Although the result is very striking and the most original, the truth is that this idea is really simple, very easy to carry out and also very economical ... And that is to make you with a keyboard as fun and cheerful as the what you see in the image you only need some semitransparent stamped adhesive tapes. It is important that the adhesive tape is semitransparent, so that the letters, numbers and symbols continue to be visible.
To decorate the keys you just have to cut out the tapes the size and shape of each of the keys.

Do you dare to give your keyboard a new look?