It is customary that in autumn one of the places we most enjoy, from our house, is relegated to the background and becomes a good memory or a hope for the future. The sunny days do not end, but maybe it's the temperature that gets too low and makes it very difficult to use the terrace in the way we would like. But neither the air, nor the views, nor the space are gone and, counting on a good day, we can continue meeting with friends to make a barbecue.

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Having said that the temperature is not in our favor what we should do is try to control it. A good selection of furniture, of course waterproof, that cut the air flow will help to make it more comfortable to be in the place; we can also use room heaters -which are not only for restaurant terraces- and put an end to the problem once and for all.

FLAMES is a series of light and temperature sources based on the light gas energy system. Its appearance is that of a simple cylinder but it is possible to find it in different textures, each of them with a great variety of possibilities in terms of intensity of light and heat. More information on the Website