Interior decoration can be the setting chosen for the perpetuity of personalized and coded messages.

In the era of communication almost everything can serve as a channel for transmitting information and direct messages indirectly, we find in the art of decoration a channel, an open way to the highway to get our environments to transmit a message

The transmitter support of this message can be an abstract idea embodied by an image, as is the case of a shirt which can bring us an idea a sensation, it can suggest an action or even reveal a social militancy, all this can be achieved by an accessory of decoration that serve as a framework to capture a thought.

These days we are bombarded daily with thousands of messages, both static and moving, which can be found almost everywhere.

This impels us to ask ourselves why not generate a particular and own decoration, which can transmit as well as the commercial and varied advertisements a message to whoever visits our room that invites us to reflect on what surrounds us.

We should not understand that this creative current is a more fashionable factor to which we intend to associate, but a way to contextualize all the messages to which we can be exposed.

For this reason we find that some designers find in shaping, letters or words in places as diverse as furniture, curtains and wallpaper a clear way to demonstrate their strong tendency towards this type of decoration.

The message can be very, very little or not coded, in the case of the non-coded messages we find a clear sample in part of the furniture of the Swedish company Form2U which is characterized by commercializing accessories dedicated particularly to this trend.

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Other models in the case of highly coded messages, is the wallpaper marketed by the British Tracy Kendam or the Spanish Tres Tintas which finds in the plasma of letters numbers and words a way of channeling this type of messages.