Theory: What is interior design

The interior design is the project discipline involved in the process of forming the experience of the interior space, with the manipulation of the spatial volume as well as the surface treatment.

An interior designer or interior designer is a qualified professional within the field of interior design or who designs interiors as a part of their work.

Interior designers can specialize in a certain discipline of interior design, such as residential and commercial design, thus developing several skills specialized areas of design such as hospitalization, health care and institutional design.

For this there are also professional careers at a higher level in a university. The Interior Design career enables to organize and develop interior projects related to the human habitat. These include the equipment and the setting of homes, places of work, recreation and transport, among others.

The Interior Designer creates and recreates spaces based on the development of his creativity and sensitivity, combining art and technique, functionality with styles and personality. You can design the interior of a bank, a school, a sanatorium, a retail store, as well as stands, stained glass windows and offices, among other things.

This profession allows to program, design, execute and supervise design projects, setting and remodeling of all types of interior and exterior spaces, including furniture design, landscaping and garden maintenance, and the ephemeral setting of public spaces and private.

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