If you want to bring a natural detail to our decoration, today we show you how to make this fantastic terrarium ... something original because its location is vertical.

In this way we will implement a part of nature in any room of our home. This activity is quite easy and we do not have to spend a lot on maintenance.

The materials that we will use are the following:

Gravel or gravel
Air plants, like cactus
Metal magnetic cans
Spray paint
Dremel (tool for cutting acrylic)

With spray paint the inside of the can. So that we do not fill with acrylic areas that we do not want we cover them with adhesive tape. The paint we use will be in spray. The color will be the one we like the most, in this case it is opaque white.

We measure and cut the acrylic, exact measurement of the can. Think that one of the parties has to remain open, as an example look at the images.

With the help of the glue, we adhere the acrylic and place the lid. The issue is that you hold the weight of the gravel, this should not uncover it.

Finally and once all dry we will begin to decorate our terrarium. First we place the gravel and then place the plants well arranged. Remember to include a small glass or plastic to see the terrarium.

Placing it on the wall will not be difficult, we can always use magnetic cans, specific glue, hooks ... any means to hold it in the wall that fits our needs.

If you do not want to cut acrylic you can always buy activated carbon. It is easy to get it in pet stores. Remember to select plants for indoor environments.