It is always a good time to reflect on the kitchen utensils that we only remember five minutes before we are going to use them and, what's more, we do not have them. A beautiful salad covered, summer tablecloths, cloth napkins for special dinners and, of course, bases for hot sources. We can not deny that we have used the chopping board on many occasions as a support for hot soup because we have forgotten, for years, to get a real table base. It is time to make decisions and get them, beautiful, effective and modern.


Without having to look much you can choose one of the most avant-garde proposals of the market. The TETRAS game, designed by the German company FRACKENPOHL POULHEIM, is a set of six small silicone bases that, when put together, serve as a support for any hot plate. They look like six hilarious chicken legs, one of which is red and the other five white. It is possible to use the legs according to your needs; three for a small pot, four for a medium dish, six for a duck in the oven. The material in which they have been made is resistant to temperatures as high as 260 ° C and the measurements of each are 3 x 3 x 3 cm. Acquire them on the website