Without wanting to seem spiritual or metaphysical, especially because the theme leads to that I love a teapot, I like it when they say that balance is the closest thing to being beautiful or being happy. Balance is something that always comes well and is not easy to achieve. I do not suppose how much is willing to do to become a yogi in conditions, but if I know the work that takes to prepare a good recipe, keep a friendly chat with friends or furnish the house, with love and taste. Taste as close as possible to balance.

I think that the balance should be in everything and when choosing a significant piece I think about how much I would like to use it and therefore how much to see it and under what conditions. A simple and well elaborated dining table is, due to its size and position, an important piece. A teapot can be a little gem, it is not so visible and it is shared little. In this case, I want a beautiful teapot, a lot.


I like English, they have to be the best. I like the SIMPLEX teapot, a traditional teapot in all its rule and very beautiful. From 1903 these pieces are manufactured for the table and the kitchen; chromed, silver; electrical and gas. A special teapot to serve at the simple table. More information on the Website www.specialtyfoodamerica.com