The so-called room separators, are pieces that have been used since the beginning of decorative practice, although initially prioritizing its functionality over the highlights that are applied in it, while in the aesthetic revolution of spaces these functional elements were subjected to resounding changes in their conformation.


Thus, currently leaving its functionality in the background, are implemented as true canvases where artists capture their most relevant concepts in terms of plastic and trends.


La digital printing, the use of novel and economic materials, I have even interaction of luminaries have converted the room separators in pieces of a very high decorative value, while in particular situations how small floors, or large rooms, fulfill the primary objective of mark substantial differences between both environments.




Currently we will find all kinds of elements in the market, from the most economical, made of recycled materials, to pieces of high creativity and high cost, as is the case of These separators developed by an American company, extracted from the fuselage of real planes, that once knew how to cross the skies and today decorate our room or office.


The comic, it is also present how clear demonstration that in character styles everything is possible as long as the imagination takes shape in the objects, the gigantographies of images and photos is also a great solution, for children's spaces, nurseries and primary schools.

art-separators-3 art-separators-9

La lighting as well as in other decorative objects is present and nuanced forming a true avant-garde creation of high level, being in itself only a central object of our decoration, and it is perhaps this condition of turning the most ephemeral into the most transcendent that turns the luminary into a tool for the future to modify our decoration.

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