In Holycool we have found another option to decorate our house in an original way, designed for those people who want to put a fun and different point to their decoration, either as a complement for the entrance, for the living room or for the bedroom.

We speak of a coat rack shaped like birds. Whether canaries, swallows, goldfinches or any other, these birds give joy to our lives. Personally, I love getting up and listening to her hum. It is like an awakening of my senses, the moment in which the dream is left behind and I am aware that a new day begins.

It may be precisely because of this association that I loved this little hanger. Its structure formed in steel is creating the silhouette of three birds, and at the same time creating small hangers under them.

Its measures are 42 cm in height by 9 cm in height, and are sold in lime green and brown. Its price is not excessively expensive: 9.99 Libras, which translated into euros are almost 12 euros.

I can think of several uses for him, since it does not seem to be very big and how I see a pendant there, it can be used to store accessories, be it bracelets or pendants, even for tiaras, but you can also hang scarves, scarves or bags. In spite of being tiny, I imagine that it will be resistant and we could also put on coats, which I imagine will be the first purpose for which it was created.

More information: Rocketstgeorge