The bedroom is an essential space in the house, since in it we relax and rest from the daily stress. It is convenient to create an adequate atmosphere for it, so it is important to choose colors and furniture well. One of the elements that gives greater comfort and warmth to the room, are the upholstered headboards. In addition to enhancing an elegant environment, it protects the wall and helps you sleep well.

Upholstered headboards: advantages and benefits

Upholstered pink headboards
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The bed is the protagonist of the bedroom, it is the Rest space of the house par excellence. To have a good night's sleep and face the next day with energy, it is important to have a good mattress and maintain a good posture.

Upholstered headboards help avoid bad posture of the neck and back. They are the perfect decorative accessories for highlight the bed, read in a comfortable position and avoid spots and chafing on the wall.

Upholstered beige headboards
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It is important to create a pleasant, warm and comfortable environment that invites rest and tranquility. If we choose upholstered headboards that combine well with the decoration of the room, we will contribute to obtain a environment where harmony and comfort reign.

Fluffy upholstered headboards
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Comfort. The upholstered headboards have a layer of foam inside to get a soft look. There are different thicknesses and hardness to choose according to taste and needs.

His touch is always more pleasant than wood, plastic or melamine. The ones of polipiel at the beginning can be a little cold at the beginning but soon the corporal temperature is adapted.

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Decorative styles with upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards- Bohemian style
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Its timeless elements, that never go out of style and that are in constant reinvention. You can find headboards upholstered in cotton, synthetic, leather, silk. The wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes that make it possible to find the ideal for your bedroom.

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Upholstered headboards - shabby chic style
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  • To create romantic environments in the bedrooms are unique, as they provide a touch of distinction and elegance. Add a warm light, accessories (cushions, blankets) with warm texture and pastel colors and get an intimate and romantic atmosphere.
  • The styles Shabby chic and vintage combines very well with upholstered headboards.
Upholstered headboards - rustic style
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  • If you like the rustic style you can create your own headboards upholstered with wood and natural fabrics.

Upholstered headboard designs

Upholstered headboards in green
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There are a variety of designs and shapes. The best known is the rectangular, however, upholstered headboards with rounded shapes are favorites for classic and romantic environments. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

Upholstered headboards - designs
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Everything depends on the style you want to decorate your bedroom and the budget you have.

Upholstered headboards

Brown upholstered headboards
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The capitoné upholstered headboards are always a trend. They are still the favorites to create elegant and distinguished environments in the bedrooms. Being timeless and versatile accessories perfectly fit in almost all decorative styles.

Upholstered headboards - colonial style
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  • For lovers of colonial style It is without a doubt the best choice to dress the bedroom.
  • They are perfectly integrated into a modern and contemporary decoration.
Upholstered headboards - vintage
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  • In the shabby chic decor, the capitoné upholstered headboards are a good option.
  • One point against the capitoné upholstered headboards is that they tend to accumulate dirt between the cracks.
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Headboards XXL

Upholstered headboards XXL
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  • They charge a special prominence the upholstered headboards of large format.
  • They can extend both high and wide.
  • They are especially suitable for 130 or 150 cm beds.
  • They become the focal point of the stay.
  • The padded upholstered headboards bring great elegance and distinction to the bedroom.
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Headboards upholstered with studs

Headboards upholstered with studs
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If you want a headboard that stands out for its elegance and distinction, stop by the models with tacks on the contour. Despite the passage of time they continue to be a trend.

  • They are usually made with pine boards and high quality upholstery.
  • You can find headboards with 1 or 2 rows in bronze or chrome.

Framed headboards

Framed upholstered headboards
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Another typical element of the upholstered headboards is that they are framed. The frame offers many possibilities of combinations and contrasts.

The wooden frames of the upholstered headboards are suitable for a vintage, classic or rustic decoration. You can also find frames in golden finishes, typical of the most baroque environments.

Headboards with neutral colors

Upholstered headboards in neutral colors
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Neutral colors are always a safe bet when combining them with other tonalities. You can bet on the gray, beige, white, mole ... They will become the protagonists of the bedroom and They will not tire you easily.

What do you think of the upholstered headboard? In addition to their great aesthetic power, they are a good choice to enjoy reading a good book with comfort.