Decohome TV offers us in a new program the keys for the choice of color when painting the walls and the choice of furniture.

Yesterday we talked to you about the light colors to make a larger space In the chapter of this week Decohome points out some guidelines and recommendations when selecting the color and tonality of the decoration depending on the rooms, the characteristics of each of them, their uses, their benefits, the sensations that transmit, etc ...

For example, the color blue is the color of prudent and calm people, and likewise inspires tranquility, that is why it is a suitable color for workplaces where tensions may arise. In Decomohome TV you can know more about this color and about the rest.

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  1. Hello
    I love the color of the room, I would like to know what name has that color to apply it in my room.

    In my personal case, I am not a very calm person, but I liked to add my piece of calm colors so as not to stress.

    I will wait for the answer
    atte ELizabeth

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