The inventions are not always worthy of a movie made in Los Angeles but if they are always significant at the time of living the modest life, the simple life. Maybe it will not go down in history because of its majesty but the pelapapas has improved the lives of many people who base their diet on fried potatoes, fried eggs and coke, nor contact lenses will inspire Lars Von Trier to direct one of his friendly stories but if that would have changed the life of Selma, the almost blind protagonist of his movie Bailarina en la oscuridad. Watching the movie is edifying.

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Small things like the rounded heads of the toothbrushes - which allow us to clean the deepest part of the mouth better without causing a scene of terror every night before going to sleep -, the universal remote controls -which work for all household appliances. the room and we avoid having a collection of 20 different controls of different sizes, colors and brands- and the caller ID -which has made it possible for us to filter the calls and not have the sensation of having lost an opportunity for not having taken it right at the time we went to the bathroom- they have improved our lives and we would never think about leaving them, although we know very well that we would live very well if they, because, we have already done it.

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A chair with magazine rack may not be necessary for human survival but once it is placed in our room it will never go away, it is more likely that some new ones will come. The LOCO model, from the design house MANWORKS DESIGN, is a simple plastic bench turned into a unique piece thanks to three small details: it has grooves in the plastic part to store our favorite magazines there, its legs are made of chromed steel and its upper part and the support were designed in plastic of various colors. More information on the Website