When we we are part of a decorative project, we will find several challenges in the confection of spaces developed in different themes, which usually mark the difference between a professional decoration and that of amateur character.

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among those spaces we find the corridors, which are singularly irremediable because they belong to the structure of our house, and its decoration always represents a retro especially when the spaces are not generous for the application of ornamental pieces.

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First of all we recommend that I evaluated in case of having a narrow but long corridor the possibility of removing part of the wall that communicates with your living room, to implement transparent materials such as acrylic or fish tanks which distract attention towards them and they will forget the sensation of narrow monotony of that place.

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The recessed luminaires and the effect they can have are great, always framed in avant-garde decorations, although it is noteworthy that the provision of plastic art adorned with small LEDs, which simulate the exhibition halls that we can find in some art locations, is very beneficial for a classic decoration, or extremely careful in its formal character.

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The colors and pavement must be careful, Since the feeling of space, can be modified by its combination, another notable feature is the implementation of mirrors which broaden the perspective and stand out enormously in low light environments, blending with the space.

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The Ornamental arrangements are subject to the dimensions, but no doubt the small details such as transparent masetas with small ask for limestones or sand, they are very good to implement with bamboo or rushes that do not require attention or dedication but achieve their purpose in a place where an ideal decorative of remarkable relevance in the forms.

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By last do not forget the importance of the hangers always so decorative, who can become the centerpiece of the decoration of this space, or a simple accessory but without a doubt the amount of variables in the subject orientates more to the implementation of the same as an extraordinary and striking highlight.

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