The American actress Uma Thurman is known by almost all for his roles in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, both of Quentin Tarantino, although he has done more roles in his career. He currently lives in an old house located in the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, on the west side of Manhattan (New York), a neighborhood traditionally known for its artistic and bohemian culture.

Nothing more to see the photographs we see the charm that resides in this old house, redecorated and somewhat modernized. It still maintains the original style, that of a classic house with mostly classic furniture, but without saturations, with a certain Victorian style.

It consists of several rooms: a press room, guest suite, dining room, master bedroom, two living rooms, three bedrooms, a gym and a covered roof terrace, not forgetting the patio, the garden, the terrace and balconies in the later.

Among the colors there is no stridency, but it is sober, white, beige, brown and some black in the kitchen, there are also some details that highlight its elegance as a piano on the side of the entrance to the living room and an old trunk to the other. A cozy and neutral decoration.

However, despite this classic packaging we also see a touch of modernity such as the connection of spaces such as the dining room and the kitchen, separated only by a small counter. The living room also has no door but a wide entrance that connects it with the central corridor and the staircase that goes up to the back floor. The large curtains act as an element of separation.

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The garden breaks a little with the interior aesthetics, with stones on the floor and bamboo plants, something that gives a certain orientation, with no more decoration than a fireplace in the background, which provides a touch of continuity with the interior of the home.

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