Design and more design of now, as a tribute to the past and to the one that is to come. Thus presents the second edition of Madrid Design Festival. A total immersion in activities that worship this discipline from different looks. The excuse perfect to discover what are proposed by national and international creators and renowned brands. What new role faces the world of design in interior design present. You have the whole month of February to find out.

Exhibitions, days with professionals, appointments and innovational projects they shape the Madrid Design Festival 2019 program. But there are also gratifying surprises, such as discover that the design this year It has a musical and gastronomic side. Specifically, through a concert program and the Food Design space. Under the suggestive motto Reinvest the world, the new call brings together 200 activities broken down into 53 samples, 12 facilities and the participation of 28 museums and institutions. A big party of this ideal discipline to know first-hand what's going on in the sector.

Madrid Design Festival: ready, ready, now!

Crafts, industrial design, of product and graphic, fashion, Architecture and urbanism, sustainability and technology. With so many appetizing proposals on the table, sometimes it's hard to decide, Where the hell to start? Although we intend to see everything that Madrid Design Festival 2019 offers, let's face it. The most probable thing is that such an ambitious plan does not come to pass.

A list of essential appointments it's a great way to not miss what we most want to know and so steeped in new ideas and looks. Some will serve us to renew our domestic interiors, y other to let the design every time acquire more prominence in them. Since integrate lamps to children's furniture brimming with creativity and a sense of renovating functionality. I would not miss any of the following proposals.

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Three exhibitions with Spanish stamp

Nothing better than start our private visit by Madrid Design Festival with a first stop en space Fernán Gómez Cultural Center of the Villa. The home design revolution of the 60 awaits you, an authentic supermarket of design and the best of contemporary national craftsmanship. Actually they are three proposals where this discipline unfolds from different points of view. All can be seen until March's 10.

Darro Design and Art 1959-1979 It is a tribute to this brand: factory, warehouse, furniture store and decorative objects. One of the most outstanding stamps of Spanish design. Through a hundred iconic pieces exposed it is easy to get an idea of ​​how revolutionary it was for the time in the industrial field. A totally different way of Furnish domestic environments with furniture that suggested another way of conceiving functionality. Like your well-known chairs and seats.

Madrid Design Festival also dedicates an important space to the image of the packaging through Super-Packaging. Design at the service of design. A deserved tribute to the creative work that is in the bottles, cans and aerosols of the supermarkets. This exhibition is a journey through the past, the present and the future of this discipline with a rethink to avoid the abuse of plastic. And also, an interesting reflection for look at the everyday object with a different vision.

Do not leave this space without seeing Care Design. Contemporary Spanish crafts. A whole declaration of intentions to rethink the use of the techniques and materials of always with the creative mentality of today. Y 117 beautiful pieces to admire from 60 workshops.

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The revolution of spaces

In Madrid Design Festival some spaces are revolutionized. Under the title The revolution of spaces. Indirect object, Casa Encendida and IKEA They present a common project that will not leave anyone indifferent. They have met to develop an unprecedented meeting for its content and for the place where it is exhibited; the patio of the Madrid headquarters. An ephemeral montage for celebrate a cycle of conferences and workshops who talk about the design and its ability to revolutionize housing, cities and its inhabitants. In short, advance what will be the main trends from the point of view of design.

The montage The space itself is a full-blown challenge and questions the way conferences can be delivered. It is a large bed inspired by a basic model of the Swedish firm, work of the winners of the young talent contest convened by the two entities, Juan and Ignacio Ezcurra, of Sociedad0. Until the 7 day this unique project will occupy the central courtyard. It is worth going to see this proposal that invites to think about this piece of furniture, the element most used in homes, as an increasingly versatile piece.

Nowadays the beds start to look like places where perform other activities that have nothing to do with rest, such as work with the laptop and check mobile emails. From now on also attend conferences thanks to this initiative within the Madrid Design Festival.

Installations and art not to be missed

Our particular tour by Madrid Design Festival includes two other calls unavoidable for the list of favorites. On the one hand, the exhibition that houses this month the ABC Museum, dedicated to illustration as another aspect of design and capable of setting trends. #finaestampailustracionymoda is the title of this quote where you can admire the work of 22 artists and around 100 works where fashion and social networks They are the real protagonists.

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And to finish, a visit to the amazing installation Home Urban Home en el courtyard of Conde Duque Cultural Center. The ecological and sustainable architecture and the innovative constructive projects are the guiding thread of this initiative of the Madrid studio MYYC. This project was born with the vocation of endure in the city as a creative space and durable. Once finished Madrid Design Festival we can see it relocated in the middle of the bustle of Madrid, as place of residence and work of talents from any part of the world. Who knows if near your home.

What do you think, do you feel like visiting?

Photos: Madrid Design Festival