We are launching a new year and we really want to make changes at home, renovate rooms, print our personal brand more than ever before. What is it? In the bedrooms, we can achieve that spectacular turn with just choosing a headboard singular, of those that do not go unnoticed. It is an infallible piece to mark character to its decoration. This post is dedicated to them. To know what is the latest in headboards.

the latest in headboards
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A headboard original to not be able, o with great style, it may be enough for the bedroom to acquire a different image. A decorative bonus in which we had not repaired and that but nevertheless Make the room look like another. And the best part is that the rule is good for any bedroom. That is, not only for the principal. As well en the youth quarters and in the children's these pieces have an incredible power of adding personality, of accentuating one style or of pointing another. The latest in headboards discovers us materials, designs and solutions that we can apply right now in our most intimate rooms.

The latest in headboards: striking optical illusions

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Talking about the latest in headboards is also thinking about innovative materials, in interesting solutions that are incorporated into the world of interior design and decoration. Well, here goes one of those novelties that you can not miss: The ceramic coverings They imitate wood with an amazing realism and they are perfect for making headboards from side to side of the wall. Between the principales attractive of this material, no doubt the visual force that they give off and infect to the stay. They are an 10 option to give a city bedroom a modern and resounding warmness at the same time. Placed as if they were wide and rough wood planks, they get the optical illusion of having a robust and compact wooden headboard, with its blurred veins and its degraded tonalities. The ideal choice when we search accentuate the character of the bedroom with a note of naturalness. A rustic touch updated to our style. The latest in headboards offers these proposals and more. I keep telling you.

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Painted designs that make a difference

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When it comes to adding a large dose of elegance to our bedroom, even a sophisticated touch, it's worth betting ideas that cause a sensation aesthetically speaking. Ideas that a priori perhaps we find somewhat risky and then are a guaranteed success. In these cases, talking about the latest in headboards goes hand in hand with creativity. Of exploiting to the maximum the spatial possibilities of the room to unfold an idea really captivating. Let's look at what potential qualities our bedroom has, surely enough.

For example, the headboards painted on the wall with geometric patterns they are a great choice to show off in spacious rooms and high ceilings. They will focus all the visual focus on them, so it is important to think very well about the design that we are going to capture on the wall: drawings very minimalist, trusses more baroque, romantic-inspired compositions, etc. The type of light that they will receive, natural or artificial, is also a factor to take into account when choosing colors, and to know in advance if shadows will be projected or not. The simplest drawings can be made by yourself with the help of a template. Another incentive if you declare yourself a DIY lover. Regardless of the chosen design, they will become those indisputable allies to give a unique personality To the bedroom. On the sides of the bed, some designer ceiling lamps they will frame the composition with subtlety and functionality.

Romantic versions in modern key

Source: Royaume Style Deco

The latest in headboards does not leave aside the romantic and sensual proposals. Quite the opposite. In particular, those are introducing models in the bedrooms at home a nostalgic note, feminine, with discretion. Right on. This is what happens with the headboards upholstered in capitoné but very far from their classic lines. The interesting thing is how they present themselves, with an updated and fresh image. In a word, these models are characterized because they offer a more modern version. They look extremely simple upholstery, if possible in ivory tones, or bone white, topped with small tacks in old gold. They are perfect companions to put a touch of distinction to Scandinavian master bedrooms, guest rooms. Or in youthful bedrooms decorated with a super natural atmosphere and white furniture.

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The juvenile room, with an artistic mural as graffiti

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When it comes to youthful dormitories, nothing like opting for models creative hundred percent, or informal proposalsIf we want the stay to emanate charm. This will be different from the usual decorations. Maybe some simple drawings silhouetted on the wall achieve that singular note. A nice graffiti touch for decoration.

Now, the latest in headboards for this type of room may require more practical spirit solutions. Do not forget that these pieces can also play a functional role. Whenever the needs of use of the stay require it. And most likely the storage of books and study material is one of them. The modular compositions with cubes They can give an incredible game. And while still being somewhat original.

Fantasy pieces for the kids' space

Source: Kenay home

No doubt also the headboards have much to contribute in the decoration of children's rooms. They can be the great protagonists posing very different effects and sensations: putting a touch of illusion and fantasy, awakening the imagination of its inhabitant, or integrating into the whole of decoration in a more timeless way. From endearing models in the shape of a house, in vintage designs or in the purest Nordic style. The latest in headboards can be as fun when we think of giving personality to their spaces. I hope you liked them. Have you already decided on one?