Many times I feel that people do not understand me, even my husband or my children, who are used to me, say that I have unpredictable attitudes but they make it very clear that they are positive. What a relief that the postures with which I surprise are welcome and not violent or harmful. I also continue to surprise myself with my children, who are there all day, every day, without resting, learning new things in all environments, and with my husband, who fortunately has become increasingly calm and that really surprises me.

It is gratifying to know and to be sure that as time goes by we keep changing and we are getting better and better. Of course there are many obstacles to overcome and they never stop, but the way we assume them is increasingly calm and accurate, or so it seems to me, with all modesty I say it. I believe that over the years we have a brighter vision of the world and we can feel it more deeply.

A lamp with the one we would like to enlighten is the OCTO LAMP model designed in 2005 by the Finnish architect Seppo Koho for SECTO DESIGN. The shape of the screen and the number of pieces that compose it make the reflected light beautiful and relaxing. It is handmade with laminated birch. Measures 68 cm high and 54 centimeters in diameter. The lamps come in black and natural white. More information on the Website