Not every day we are surprised by the great significance that a small detail can have on our way of seeing life and interacting with our environment. Small doses of magic manage to move our feelings or awaken sleeping creativity. A tiny invention or an amazing discovery changes our perspective and gives birth to projects that, however simple they may seem, significantly influence our mood and increase our happiness.


The magic is in the details and that is more than proven with the light clip that allows us to design the lighting of all the spaces in our house or office with a simple application. Surprisingly, a clothes peg acquires infinite power when added to its ability to hang anywhere, LED light technology. The CLIP OF LIGHT allows you to put a bulb of minimum size, little temperature and warm glow, in the place that we want. We can turn a green bottle into a spectacular luminous centerpiece, make our cabinets sparkle with white light or always have a powerful lamp-clamp on hand and stored in our portfolio. We can find this hilarious and very useful piece of intelligent design on the website