The quality of Bassols products, backed by a long history full of triumphs, is a benchmark in the sector. Surely you already know how good your towels or sheets are, because you'll know them all too well. What you may not know is that from now on Bassols will be closer to you, because you can buy your products at the click of a mouse.

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We all have always known textiles from the firm Bassols. It is one of those traditional brands, old, with history, that accompany us throughout life, assisting us with the vicissitudes of each era. And in all this time, the quality of its products has not diminished one iota.

And it is that in the nothing less than 225 years that the textile firm has been standing, Bassols has become an indisputable reference. Its name means quality and, of course, good taste. In addition, the designs that you can find in their catalogs have been able to adapt to the times they are in to offer different styles for everyone.

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Since the firm Bassols was born more than two centuries ago, it has evolved over the years. It could not have been otherwise! That's why it continues to be a classic in the world of home textiles.

And to keep evolving, the next step the textile giant has taken has been to inaugurate its online decoration shop where you can find all the products of the firm, from the bed linen to the bathroom or table linen. In addition, the web design itself guarantees easy navigation and a secure purchase. What are you waiting to investigate?

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A story full of successes

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The year was 1790 when Francisco Bassols founded a textile firm in Vic and gave it his name. At that time it was the first factory in Spain in which linen fabrics 100% were produced. That is the beginning of a long career full of successes, changes, novelties ...

In 1883, Bassols opens a new factory in Barcelona in which the new mechanical looms that were emerging at that time are introduced. An industrialization that has accompanied the brand throughout its history.

All these advances are recognized by the two important awards received by Bassols, the Gold Medal at the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona by 1888, and the Gold Medal at the Barcelona International Exhibition of 1929. Both were inducements to continue at the bottom of the canyon and the evident proof that the brand, one of the oldest in all of Europe in regard to home textiles, was firmly consolidating.

Another important date in the history of the Catalan company is the year 1980, when it is launched on the market the first integral collection of home textiles, that serves to Bassols to get fully into worlds such as decoration or hospitality.

Quality beyond doubt

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But where is Bassols' secret? Why is the idea transmitted, many times from generation to generation (we have always heard our mothers and grandmothers say so), of the high quality of their textiles? Well, without a doubt, in the choice of raw materials and in the careful manufacture of the products.

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For example, the Cotton products are 100% cotton and they show a special comfort and beauty. In addition, they last a long time as new and their washing is simple. Bassols has a range of products that employs Egyptian cotton 100%, recognized as one of the best in the world.

The quality of the signature is also felt in the rest of the products, such as collections of sheets They mix cotton and polyester. A great idea for dress our bed. They are so soft and easy to iron ... I love them!

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And what about the Linen fabrics 100% who has the signature! I will clarify that Bassols uses in these fabrics European fiber linen, one of the most comfortable and beautiful natural fibers that exist, which is why it is highly valued.

All this makes Bassols a highly recommended option when you need to buy textiles for your home. And now, to celebrate the 225 years of history and until the June 23, they make you nothing less than The 20% discount in the online store. Seize it!

In its web you will be able to discover all the news of Bassols.