Celine Dion is a Canadian artist who has been in the music world since the eighties, but many people did not know her until she became the interpreter of one of the most famous and heard soundtracks in history «My heart will go on«, From the movie Titanic.

The singer recently received the news that she is pregnant with twins, who would be her second and third child, after her nine-year-old son Rene Charles, who has her husband and Manager René Angelil. By the seen the arrival of the babies will require a greater space and we suppose that for that reason they have recently built this great mansion in Florida which they have recently moved.

The house or better said, the complex, has been built for the singer and her marios in a land of approximately 2995 meters, and with a cost of about 20 million dollars.

In essos approximate 2995 meters is a large construction with something like a water park as it has three pools: one in the back of the house, another in the front and a third that connects with the second serpentine way to what along which various water slides and attractions are installed, which already wanted many water parks, in addition to walkways and stairs that connect some areas with others.

In addition to the main house is not the only building because the land, covered entirely with grass we can see two other houses, in addition to two arbors or pergolas.

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On one side is the tennis court, also enabled as a basketball court, and all this with privileged views of the sea because it is a few meters from the beach. A true paradise for new twins.

Here we can see some images of the land still under construction.

Vía: Freshome