Are you passionate about decoration and interior design? If the answer to this question has been affirmative, you can not stop visiting the new store of Zara Home in Palma de Mallorca. A special establishment that has been decorated by Isabel López-Quesada. Does not it catch you getting close to there at this moment? Do not worry! We invite you to discover all its corners.

new Zara Home storeSince the past 9 in March Palma de Mallorca already has a new Zara Home store. However, it is not one of the many that has the already iconic firm belonging to the Inditex group. Is about a concept store. A store that represents the values ​​of the brand and makes them available to the customer in a special way.

Visiting the store and buying it is an experience and when you see how their spaces have been created, how each corner has been decorated, you will understand very well why. As responsible for the project as far as store decoration is concerned, one of the most outstanding interior designers of our country: Isabel López-Quesada. Adelante!

The spirit of a real house in the new store of Zara Home in Palma

There is no better feeling in the world (or really few are) that can be compared to the feeling of getting home. I never tire of saying it and it is true. When you arrive at your house, it seems that everything is better. Our house welcomes us with open arms to give us his refuge, his warmth.

That feeling of being in the place that corresponds to you, in your own home, is what you wanted to convey in the new store of Zara Home in Palma de Mallorca. A space that try to emulate for the customers the atmosphere of a real house. With its hall, its living room, its kitchen, its dining room, the bedrooms, the bathroom, etc.

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In this way, when you walk through its different environments you will be able to integrate the Zara Home product into a real space.

This is a sublime form of present the different proposals that the signature makes in its original location. So you can imagine how they would be in your own home.

In a very special building

The new Zara Home store is located at nº 4 of Paseo del Borne, in an emblematic building dating from 1930. The fetish store occupies more than 500 square meters distributed in two floors and structured in different rooms.

To create the right space for the new establishment, we have tried to maintain the essence of the place. How? Retrieving as much as possible the architectural elements of the space, as decorative moldings.

The building shows a beautiful and elegant architecture, industrial style. The facade was respected to the maximum, with its large iron windows that act as special show windows.

Interiors with the ILQ stamp

The decoration of the interiors takes the unmistakable stamp of Isabel López-Quesada. She chose natural and warm materials for each space, such as Marble floors and furniture and wooden elements.

Natural lighting was maximized, that brings to each of the objects that are exhibited in the store a special touch. A soft background music and a special aroma are the details that complete the special feeling that is breathed throughout the store.

The beauty of each space is the work of Isabel López-Quesada. Its eclectic style that combines tradition and modernity It is reflected in every corner. And the result can not be better. For something López-Quesada has been considered by the American edition of Architectural Digest as one of the best 100 interior designers in the world in 2016 and 2017.

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The magic of the island

Mallorca is a special island. It has a warm and cozy, relaxed and relaxed, in which everyone feels good. That is, precisely, the environment that has been tried to reflect in the concept store of Zara Home in Palma.

And that is felt in many details. As in the presence that the very coloring of the island has in the store offer. In fact, a special and exclusive collection has been created for the occasion. It will be available in the new store in Palma de Mallorca and also online while supplies last.

A selection of textiles with a composition of 100% linen in various colors, all really special.

The best shopping experience

One of the characteristics that define the new establishment of Zara Home in the Mallorcan capital is the desire for make the experience of shopping there really special and satisfying For your customers.

Therefore, it offers certain exclusive services. From open wifi to interactive mirrors to help in the choice. It also has specialized personnel in digital purchases, and the Exclusive Personal Shopper service. Thus, the client can count on a team of professionals that will help you in your purchases for free. A luxury!

Photos: Zara Home.