When our house is complete, when we have everything we need to live comfortably in it; the bedrooms are perfectly furnished, the kitchen is equipped, the dining room has the accessories for informal meals and glamorous dinners, it is that precise moment in which the need has remained in the background, when we can dedicate ourselves to magnify our environment and realize that ... we need a dresser!

We should no longer worry about where to sit, we should think about how beautiful our chairs are; we do not meditate if the tableware is complete but if it is so shocking as to incite gluttony, we do not ask ourselves if the room is well lit, instead we strive to make the lamps simple and beautiful at the same time. After overcoming the function of our apartment begins the career of finding art in decoration.

comfortable for the design room the_other_as for the salon

It is an endless task, it is known, but to begin with, how about a comfortable one in the living room? Giving this space a unique piece makes a lot of sense if we think that it is par excellence a place of socialization. A chest of drawers like THE OTHER, designed by ILSE CRAWFORD for STUDIOILSE, made in an engraved mirror, with three deep compartments, a generous size and decorated with a fine detail of colored pompoms, would place our salon as one of the most avant-garde and exclusive.

The other pieces of the collection THE OTHER FURNITURE can be found on the page www.studioilse.com. Highly recommended!