This week I lost my phone, it was in the hands of a man who came to my desk and took it away. I already told you before. I remember that I was very disappointed and distressed above all because I was losing all my agenda that I did not have a copy of. After a few days I recovered data and communications continue to occur with or without the device. When someone wants to talk to me, they do it because I'm very easy to locate and I'm always checking the email. The clear mobile that helps but is not the only means.

I have also recovered the tranquility and privacy. When I was a teenager there was no mobile telephony and in any case I had an active social life. I do not argue that now everything is more complex but I appreciate having a few days of rest from my locator. I must make a duplicate of my card and I think that very soon I will go to do the row, fill out the questionnaires and pay some money.

Everything would be simpler if the telephone communication was already directly connected to the internet and worked through our computer. I already use the YUBZ TALK ONLINE phone that connects to the computer as a USB port and serves to make calls supported in software such as Skype or MSM. What motivates me most is its retro appearance and the contrast it makes with current computers in which it is usually connected. More information on the Website