Biscay (Bizkaia in Euskera) is one of the three provinces that make up the autonomous community of the Basque Country. Its capital is the city of Bilbao. The population of the province ascends 1.146.421 inhabitants and occupies an extension of 2.217 km2. It is located to the north of the peninsula, bounded on the west by Cantabri, on the east by Guipúzcoa, on the south by Burgos and Álava and on the north by the Cantabrian Sea.

Its climate is temperate, oceanic with much cloudiness throughout the year. Its main cities and municipalities are Bilbao (Capital) Barcaldo, Guecho, Portugalete, Santurce and Basauri.

Bilbao has a population of 353,340 inhabitants, is the most populated city of the autonomous community, north of the peninsula and the tenth of Spain. From its foundation to the beginning of the s. XIV was a commercial enclave that enjoyed particular importance in the Cantabrian coast due to its port activity. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century suffered a strong industrialization that made it the 2 º most industrialized region of the country, just behind Barcelona, ​​and with this there was also a large increase in population coming to annex neighboring villages. Currently the service sector is an increasingly growing economy.

Their tourist claims are many but perhaps at present the most notorious is the Gugenheim Museum. It also highlights the Arriaga Theater, the University of Deusto and the Chávarri Palace, headquarters of the Government Sub-delegation. In religious architecture we must highlight the Basilica of Nª Sra. De Begoña, the Cathedral or the Church of San Antón.

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Artea shopping park
48490 Bilbao
Phone: 944914556

Shopping center Zubiarte, LP-4
48015 Bilbao
Phone: 944277360

Gran Vía, 15
48001 Bilbao
Phone: 944159291

Rodriguez Arias, 31
48008 Bilbao
Phone: 944100796


Max Center Shopping Center, LB-68
48903 Barakaldo
Phone: 944992129


Ballonti 1