Álava (Araba in Euskera) is one of the provinces of Spain that make up the territory of the Basque Country. Its capital is Vitoria, city that also the capital of the autonomous community. On the other hand, it is the most extensive but the least populated of the three Basque provinces, with 309.635 inhabitants.

Its territory is organized in seven gangs, historical institutions whose main function is to attend and manage the needs of its inhabitants, especially in rural areas. In Euskera they are called Eskualdeak.

Its geographical situation between Navarre and Castile, between the Cantabrian and the Elbro, between the Pyrenees and the plateau, bring a lot of natural diversity to the territory, with great landscapes and natural spaces such as the Urkiola Natural Park, with forests of beech, oak and Pine tree; the area of ​​Gorbeia with large valleys; the Natural Park of Izki, one of the most spectacular places of Alava with a diverse vegetation and a diverse animal population, or the salt flats of Añana, a curious place to visit, all this among many other things.

Due to its situation it has also been subjected to many administrative and political swings throughout its history, belonging at times to the kingdom of Castile, or being linked to Asturias or Navarre or being placed border between kingdoms, until finally it was included in the Basque territory to which it currently belongs.

Taking a walk through the capital, Vitoria, we do not find two different cities within one. In the center we find a medieval historical center, with large neo-classical churches and streets dotted with majestic Renaissance palaces. In this area highlights the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, site of the monument to the battle of Vitoria and where the church of San Miguel, which houses the image of the White Virgin, patron saint of the city.

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Leaving a little further out we discover the "modern" city, which was created with the expansion of the s. XIX, with large gardens, avenues and more modern buildings such as Plaza de los Fueros, designed in the 80 decade by the Basque artist Eduardo Chillida.

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