The Rioja is one of the uniprovincial autonomous communities of Spain, located to the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It covers part of the Ebro Valley and the Iberian System. Its capital, Logroño and its population, according to the INN of 2008, is estimated at 317.501 inhabitants.

Logroño is also, in addition to capital, the economic, cultural and service center and is bathed by the Ebro River. In the last century the city has experienced a slow but significant demographic growth with respect to nearby populations. It is well known for its production of wines under the "Rioja" Calaficada Denomination of Origin, being one of the best wines in Spain.

As for its climate, the situation in the Ebro valley causes temperatures to be milder than those expected in the center of the peninsula. The average annual temperature is of 13,5ºC, although in winter it can be around five degrees below zero. In summer you reach the 35 degrees.

In terms of its historical industry highlights the machinery and products for wineries, matelurgy, bus bodies, footwear and graphic arts.

Besides the aforementioned Rioja wine, among the typical products you can also find vegetable preserves and coffee with milk tablets.

Typical products of Logroño include wine (Bodegas Franco Españolas, Marqués de Murrieta), canned vegetables (Trevijano, Ulecia, Mugaburu) and coffee with milk pills Viuda de Solano, 1830-1989).

In the capital we find two Zara Home stores:



LA Rioja




LA Rioja

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