Lleida It is one of the provinces of Catalonia. It is also the city of the same name and capital of said province. It is the 49º of Spain in number of inhabitants and the third provincial capital in number of inhabitants of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. It has a number of 131.731 inhabitants and some 200.000 in the metropolitan area.

Its climate is arid Mediterranean with a continental tendency, typical of the Ebro Valley. The winters are humid and very cold and the summers are warm, with rain is houses and summer drought. It is the only Catalan province that has no connection with the sea, although it has a border on the north with the Pyrenees.

In Lleida you can visit many monuments as a result of its history, but among them the 13th century Seu Vella, La Suda Castle, the Mitjana Natural Park, the New Cathedral or the Paeria Palace.

As a curiosity to say that snails are the local gastronomic specialty, there is even a marked day in the Lleida calendar in which all the inhabitants of the city meet at Camp Elisis to eat snails. This party is called Aplec del caragol.

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