Valladolid is a Spanish province belonging to the autonomous community of Castilla y León, northeast of the Peninsula. Its capital is the city with the same name and borders Burgos, Palencia and León to the north, Zamora to the west, Salamanca and Ávila to the south and Segovia to the east. It occupies a surface of 8.110 km2 and has a population of 529.019.

In this province was installed the capital of the Castilian court and former capital of the Empire during the reigns of Charles V, Philip II and Philip III, has a province full of castles and fortresses. Its capital has an important historical-artistic heritage and one of the most important sculpture museums in Europe.

As for its economy, the fact that it is the fifth province in Spain with the highest rate of convergence with the European Union is noteworthy, surpassing by an 14,9% the average income of the Europe of the 15. Its agriculture focuses on the cultivation of cereals (wheat and barley), legumes, beets, sugar, alfalfa, vegetables and grapes. It also has an important activity in livestock and an intense industrial activity especially concentrated in the capital, derived from agriculture, textiles, metallurgy, manufacture of automobiles (Renault), chemical, construction, paper, graphic arts, etc.

In addition to the capital, there are also towns such as Medina del Campo, Peñafiel, Tordesillas, Tudela de Duero, Laguna de Duero, Íscar and Olmedo.

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