If you do not have square metres and it's a challenge for you design of your office Indoors, keep reading. Today in Decoration 2.0 we propose some ideas that will be very useful.

One of the most useful tools, framed in the decoration, are the colors. These, as protagonists, give life and enhance the rooms, propose new environments and create beautiful compositions -can offer us light, sobriety, joy, rest ... -

In the image, seen in Decoracion.in, they propose a beautiful workshop for small spaces. In this case, the idea is to know how to take advantage of each corner of the room.

Every corner of our home can be used, including the so-called dead zones. We can take advantage to locate shelves, cabinets and small shelves. Hang objects on the wall or ceiling, even locate them in the corner.

As we can observe the space included between the two doors of the image, it is really small, but an intelligent design provides a great use of the meters and a great organization as an office.

They have been located shelves intelligently for order and maintenance of the office. Details such as the wall clock, a beautiful custom table and the dynamic composition of the shelves give this corner practicality and functionality.

One of the secrets ... Do not overload the environment. If we have space we must build an organized area, to maintain a daily cleaning. The colors, both of the walls and the furniture and objects should not be very strident, we will look for harmony so as not to saturate the environment too much.

Work with the least possible stress.

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  1. Hello,

    We've been looking at posts on your blog for a while. There are many…

    The fact is that I have a doubt. We would like to remove the gotelé from our floor and put the walls smooth. But we have a small child and we think that the walls will be damaged very quickly. so we had thought about the Venetian stucco (for its hardness), but to do the whole floor so maybe it's a bit burdensome.

    Can you think of any other way to decorate the walls other than Venetian stucco or paper?

    Thanks in advance.

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