Beautiful flowers and plants, often, are the protagonists of great decorations. Perfect allies both outside and inside the house. The care of the plants becomes essential, so today in Decoration 2.0 we give you some tips to take care of the beauty of plants.

The pot is an important issue. Think about the size that the plant will reach in the future, an approximate size ... in this way the container, during the development of the plant, will not disturb the growth limit of the misam.

We can find many different designs of pots in the market, also recycling is another form of decoration so we can create beautiful designs for our plants. Look for different styles, sizes and colors that complement our decoration. Make your plant look with all its splendor.

Always remember that the pots should have perforations in the base, so that the excess water can come out and the plant will not drown.

For those people who have a garden they can think of valuing the idea of ​​putting beautiful stone beds, these can be delimited by wooden railings. This way you can build a beautiful natural garden in rustic style.

Painting also plays a very special role, another idea will be to paint a wall of a vibrant color such as green, yellow or red and place pots full of striking flowers on the same wall.

When we put soil in the pot, try to cover the roots of the plant well. It fertilizes very well with minerals and nutrients.

Something very important is to inform you of what you are going to plant, to know the care that this plant requires. This way we will know if it is of interior, exterior, what climate favors it, the sun or shadow that they need, water ... etc.

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