One of my main qualities as a professional, and that is what those who work around me say - and only for that I have been able to realize this -, is that even in the most uncomfortable and desperate situations I always maintain my composure, good mood and always, out of conviction, I find a way out. The exit does not always lead to the solution of a situation but if it develops it becoming more bearable and bringing it closer to a resolution, which is ultimately what you want to achieve.

In my work group words like never or always are banned (it is not a good vocabulary to use in conflict resolution), we do not use either: you can not, I do not know, I do not believe, there is no time, there is no money, we do not reach much less, it does not matter. The solutions come hand in hand with the problems and it is very easy to find them, the important thing is to keep your eyes open to recognize them and make them efficient and attractive. My days, no matter how hard they are, start with a smile.

To support the work of the group, nothing like the GEORGIE table, a pioneering proposal in ecological design. Originally designed by George Nelson, it has been reworked in New Cork-2004 by Todd Seidman. It is built with recyclable material, is handmade and has a minimum waste production rate. More information on the Website