How about a hot coffee in the morning, before going to the office or dealing with household chores? or a refreshing one with ice after the meal, to start the evening with energy? After a hard day of week, just before going to sleep, there is not a decaffeinated left over that does not take away the sleep but it does have that intense flavor that our palate likes so much. The coffee is always well received, at our table well served and in our kitchen well prepared.


To ensure that our favorite coffee acquires a touch of elegant design and to give this process of preparation, so traditional, more perfection than usual, the German designer RICHARD SAPPER has developed the brilliant and unique CAFETERA A DIALESSI, for the design house ALESSI This beautiful tool for the kitchen has a height of 15,3 cm., A diameter of 9,6 cm and a capacity of 16 cm cubic. It is made of chromed stainless steel and is an inspiration based on the intersection of a conical shape and a cylindrical shape. The result is a typical design of the Italian house, discreet, perfect in its manufacture and excellent is its practicality and durability.
Obtaining the coffee machine is as simple as visiting and finding the closest show room.