Every mother knows perfectly how to make a cake for her children. It is essential to have this ability because when they turn years, when they invite their friends, when they want a dessert and we do not want to force their father to take the car out of the parking lot and take them to the mall, we must be able to prepare a fluffy, sweet and beautiful cake. I am an expert in chocolate and vanilla cakes because they are the most popular snapshots.

My mother said that the magic of these appetizing dishes is not only in its flavor and consistency but in its presentation and recommended me, because I hoped that I would be able to prepare them as she did, that she would decorate them with chocolate because, according to her, , it never fails. Now that I make the ones in the box and it does not take me all morning beating eggs and scratching cinnamon but 15 minutes mixing while I talk on the phone I follow their advice and pour them in chocolate. As bad as the cake is, the chocolate improves them and they also sell it for microwaves.

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In addition to chocolate, and strawberries, there are molds to make a simple recipe another more elaborate and striking. Recently I found what I think is the most innovative mold I've seen in a while, and it is also very practical. It is manufactured by the house specializing in Christmas preparations WILTON and is made of aluminum. More information at www.wilton.com

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  1. Hello good afternoon, I am interested in buying the mold that is on the page, I wanted to know if they sell it, in case it is so please send me the information to the mail. Thank you and happy afternoon.

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